Discoverycard the most rewarding credit card in South Africa.

Another post taken from the e- discoverer of the 10th of April 2014.

DiscoveryCard is officially the most rewarding credit card in South Africa! 

This month’s ...

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Discovery Insure hits the 50 000 active policy mark!

Please see the article taken from Discovery's e- discoverer fof the 10th of April 2014.

"Discovery Insure grows to 50 000 policies

We are pleased to announce that last week we reached a great milestone of 50 000 active policies.

In terms of size, we are now strengthening our position in the top 10 ...

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Discovery Health Medical Scheme and Afrox Medical Aid Society to merge.

The Acting Registrar for Medical Schemes has confirmed that Discovery Health Medical Scheme and Afrox Medical Aid Society will merge with effect from 1 May 2014.

Remember it Pays to have Cover
Kenny Williamson
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Discovery Health and PG Bison Medical Aid Society to merge

As per Circular 20 of 2014:

The Acting Registrar of Medical Schemes has confirmed the merger between Discovery Health Medical Scheme and PG Bison Medical Aid Society, with effect from the 1st of May 2014.

It pays to have Cover
Kenny Williamson
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New- Retirement fund deduction and income protection policies

Changes to Retirement fund deductions and Income Protection Policies from 1 March 2015

Note the following changes that will occur from 1 March 2015:

1. Retirement Reform

The Taxation Laws Amendment Act was gazetted on 12 December 2013.From this date, Section 11k will allow a tax deduction for any amount contributed to any pension ...

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Altrisk Review their HIV rates for cover.

Dear Readers,

Please see the latest information regards HIV rates for Altrisk, taken from their "In Touch" e- newsletter of this month.

HIV cover rates reduced, also gives two scenarios of how cover is viewed.

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Healthyfood benefit available at Pick n' Pay and Woolworths from Jan

Up to 25% cash back on HealthyFood at Pick n Pay or Woolworths for Vitality members

From 1 January 2014, all Vitality members will have access to the Vitality HealthyFood benefit at Pick n Pay and Woolworths. Plus, DiscoveryCard holders will be able to get up to 25% cash back at both partners! Now, even more trolleys will be filled with HealthyFood.

How the Vitality HealthyFood benefit works

Activate the Vitality HealthyFood ...
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Topmed Medical Scheme and Pharos Medical Plan merge 1 January 2014

Well, there you have it.... first merger of the New Year.

Topmed Medical Scheme and Pharos Medical Plan will merge with effect from the 1 January 2014.

The Registrar of Medical Schemes has confirmed the merger.
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Eye Gym- have you done their test?

Just a reminder to those that would like to do their eye gym test and earn Vitality Drive points.

You can do online on Discovery's website: Here is the here.

Please let me have your comments on how you found ...
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Turnberry Gap Cover Changes for 2014

Below are some exciting product changes for Turnberry medical insurance.

I have listed them in product order, so if you have a specific product, you can simply skip to that.

The brokerage that i contract to does not have a contract with Turnberry (we are using another gap medical insurance provider), so if you need to be contacted regards Turnberry please contact your broker or email : info@businessowner-cover.com and i will direct you to one.

Execu-Care, this is Turnberry's flagship gap product.

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Cleanup of blog

Dear All,

I have been doing clean up of the blog and the categories should be better sorted now.

If you have any suggestions that you would like to make, please contact on info@businessowner-cover.com.

Thank you
Kenny Williamson

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The 5 best driver Cities in South Africa

Wondering which city has the best drivers? I know, many a discussion has been had around this.

Well the cat is out of the bag.

From Discovery Insure's behavioural data, taken from over 800 million kilometres of driving and from over 10 000 South African drivers.
The analysis of driving dehaviours such as harsh braking, sharp cornering, acceleration, speeding, accidents and late night driving- has led to a winner.

Suprisingly enough, this has also indicated the best driver behaviour in which makes of ... << MORE >>

Why Discovery health?

Good day everyone,

When looking at schemes (to market), there are a few factors that are important.

Here are 3 things to look at:

  • Size- very important, what size is the risk pool from which to pay benefits?
  • Average ...
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Discovery Insure's unique selling features.

I though that i would copy in a post from Discovery Insure, seeing as how they have practically listed the "innovative" extra's that they offer with the Insure product better than  i would have been able to.

(taken from Discovery Insure's "Smart Tips" - 09/10/2013)

"This week’s SmartTip focuses on Discovery Insure’s unique selling features that are not ...

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Free course on Digital analytics/ Google Analytics now.

Dear All,

Just for anyone who is interested, there is a nice short course on the basics of Google analytics available now.

Should take you around 4 to 6 hours and you can access your course certificate (80% pass mark) before end Oct.

If you are interested, here is the link, google analytics course available now. .

Otherwise, enjoy the learning (i will do too).

Let me know how it ...
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Sanlam announce that they will offer cover for HIV on standard life policies

I read today that Sanlam have announced they are treating HIV as a normal chronic on their standard life policies and will offer cover for members who are managing their disease.

This is great news.

When are we hearing from other insurers???
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Medical Aid Scheme contribution increases for 2013.

Dear Readers,

With thanks to Laura du Preez of Personal Finance (article dated 29 September, in the Weekend Argus).

That time of the year is upon us once again, Year End Revisions and scheme contribution increases.

As ...
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Discovery Health and Vitality enhancements for 2013

To let you all know that i will be attending the Discovery Health and Vitality enhancements session for 2013 on the 28th of September.

I will then be updating this blog with the details, so if you have an interest, please subscribe to the blog and stay informed.

(subscribe button is top left, input your email address).

Here's looking forward to some exciting enhancements.

email: info@businessowner-cover.com
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Turnberry Times November 2011

Please find the November Turnberry Times Here .

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Remember to activate your Healthyfood benefit on Discovery.

Please remember to activate your healthyfood benefit to make sure that you are getting your savings from your Pick 'n Pay spend. Then remember to do your online personal health review to get your savings to 25% of your healthyfood spend.

I have downloaded the information on the healthyfood benefit from Discovery, to make accessing the information nice and simple for you, please click here to access the Discovery brochure.
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