Welcome to the blog of businessowner-cover.

I have kept the businessowner-cover site and this blog separate, hosted apart from each other.

The reason for this is:

  • The site (businessowner-cover.com) will contain a summary of the products/ areas, etc. that someone needing advise can access. (For instance, there is a page on medical aids- individual and for the company. This contains “evergreen” information). The site is what you would use if you simply want information to put something in place or for specific information. (note – Aug/Sept 2015- I am redoing the site… so information is not all up to date this month).


  • The blog (blog.businessowner-cover.com) contains more newsy items… if there is an “evergreen” subject that hardly changes… it will be listed in the pages under the headerĀ and in the list of pages on the left hand column. (E.g. I have taken an article about medical aid “waiting periods” and made it a page – as opposed to a post listed under categories) as people want to access this info more than simply reading a blog posting.

What is the intention of this blog?

The blog is intended to disseminate information that I personally think is relevant to the general public regards the financial services industry (99% based on South African news). However, note that I can only update as I have time… (I just realised how much time this takes in overhauling this blog again now) (Mmm, can one overhaul a blog?).

So, sometimes I will be very curt and selective in what gets onto these pages… unless I can work out a good way to make income from this blog… then I would be updating to my hearts content.

Navigation once again:

Left hand side and under header shows the pages.

Right hand side and in categories shows the posts.

Search bar is at the top under header the little magnifying glass icon (click on it and enter, it will find what you are looking for if it is in the blog).

Thank you for taking your time to have a look at the blog.

Let me know if you want to include something of interest in these pages and we can see what we can do.

If you need help, contact form right here:

Kenny Williamson