Children getting more obese!! Possible shorter life span than parents.

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Aug 26 2014

(Taken from the Discovery “eDiscoverer”, dated 18/07/2014):


South African children score a “D” in the 2014 Healthy Active Kids Report

Results of the 2014 Healthy Active Kids Report, which checks the state of South African children’s health, became available recently.

This third report builds on the reports from 2010 and 2007 to see if children’s physical activity, weight and nutrition improved. Overall South Africa slid from a grade of “C-“ in 2010 to a “D” in 2014.

Is this a big deal?

Concerning trends in inactivity, overweight and obesity have all increased in urban youth. This mirrors global trends of physical inactivity having a 35% prevalence, and obesity and being overweight in teenage boys doubling in six years. These trends also led to the shocking prediction that some children born from 2000 might, for the first time in generations, have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Acting now, can improve the outlook.

Check out some of the results

The latest review studied available research on children’s health habits, including how much they play, how much fast food they eat, how much TV they watch. The research even looked at the support they get for healthy choices at home and school. Here are some of the findings around physical activity and nutrition:

  • At least half of South African children are not active enough: only active for less than an hour a day. This gave them a “D” grade for physical activity.
  • Less than half of urban children take part in organised sport or recreation. This gave a “C” grade.
  • Most children watch TV almost three hours a day; more over weekends. We scored an “F” grade for sedentary behaviours.
  • Childhood obesity continues to grow and sugary drinks are a major contributor of this. South Africans drank three times the global average in 2012. The previous “C-“ grade dropped to a “D”.
  • More than two thirds of youngsters eat fast food at least three times a week, giving an “F-“.
  • Only half our children eat enough fruit and vegetables, giving a “C-“grade.
  • Less than half of children meet the recommended salt intake of 5g a day. We scored a “D”.
  • Regulations on food advertising to children scored an “F-“. Therefore this needs work.

Find out more

Discovery Vitality “Health Active Kids Report Book 2014 (pdf of the book report)

Visit for more insights into our children’s health status.

Employer Group/Company- want to switch medical schemes?

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Aug 26 2014


The Medical Schemes Act (131 of 1998) allows employer groups to switch between medical schemes on 1 January each year, without any waiting periods.

Please note however, that Late- Joiner Penalties may still apply.


Take note of the following:

  1. There must be two or more principal lives in the employer group.
  1. All new members must be employees or pensioners of the same company.
  2. The company and all members joining must currently belong to a registered South African medical scheme.

  3. There must not be a break in membership when members transfer from their current medical scheme to the new scheme.

  4. All covered individuals must agree to transfer their membership to the new scheme on 1 January 2015.

If your company is wanting to transfer to a new scheme, make sure to discuss this at your next meeting… most schemes will require documentation prior to the end of Sept, indicating this intention.


Better yet, if you want help with this process, you are welcome to contact me.

You will need to change your intermediary to our brokerage for us to help you obviously.

Remember it pays to have Cover!

Kenny Williamson


HIV- know your benefits

Council of Medical Schemes | Posted by Kenny Williamson
Jun 24 2014

Dear Readers,

Just received the CM Script from the Council for Medical Schemes… if you are a medical scheme member this is of use to you.

Or, if you simply are interested in HIV… this article will also be of interest.

CMScript10Of2014 re HIV

Recruiting brokers/ financial advisors

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Jun 24 2014

If you are a financial advisor looking for a good home, you are welcome to email me on :

Our company is recruiting and I will be able to put you in touch with the recruiters.

Kenny Williamson

Smoker discounts

Altrisk | Posted by Kenny Williamson
Jun 24 2014

Altrisk the life company, have launched a special offer available to smokers.

In a nutshell, offering discounted rates to smokers for life policies on the assumption that they will give up smoking within two years to retain the discounted rates.


There will be more on this offer in the blog… this is simply a teaser for smokers that want to give up, are reasonably healthy and want to take advantage of discounted rates NOW.

Kenny Williamson

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2014 Financial Intermediaries Association of Southern Africa (FIA) Awards

FIA | Posted by Kenny Williamson
Jun 24 2014

Every year the Financial Intermediaries Association conducts a survey to decide on who the winners for the year in the 4 core disciplines are.

This year, nine FIA Awards were issued to cover the four ‘core’ disciplines in the financial advice space, namely employee benefits, financial planning (including risk and investment advice), healthcare and short-term insurance.

These are your winners:

Short- Term Insurer of the Year – Personal Lines: Hollard

Short- Term Insurer of the Year – Commercial: Santam

Short- Term insurer of the Year- Corporate: Santam

Underwriting Manager of the Year: CIA

Long- Term Insurer of the Year – Risk: Discovery

Product Supplier of the Year- Investment Products Single Premium: Allan Gray

Product Supplier of the Year- Investment Products Recurring Premium: Liberty

Product Supplier of the Year- Employee Benefits: Sanlam

Product Supplier of the Year- Healthcare: Discovery

All the best to them.


Kenny Williamson

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Warning – Undesirable business practice- Medical aid schemes- can i reapply at scheme after being terminated for non- disclosure?

Council of Medical Schemes, Medical aid Schemes | Posted by Kenny Williamson
Jun 24 2014

I thought that some of you might find this interesting.

A medical scheme cannot refuse your application on the basis that you had previously been terminated due to non- disclosure.

I have attached the full circular from the Council for Medical Schemes here Circular26Of2014 termination non disclosure reapply

The background to this is that medical schemes are required to follow the principle of open enrolment.

Within the safeguards (of their risk pool) the schemes have provisions that they can apply to protect themselves against adverse selection by members. They can apply waiting periods and late joiner penalties (as per rules).

Members (prospective members) are required to disclose any conditions for which they have received a diagnosis, treatment or care within a 12 month period preceding the application, to enable the scheme to perform a proper risk assessment.

The schemes have the right to cancel a membership on the grounds of non- disclosure of material information.

Should the member fail to disclose material information: some schemes will be lenient (to member) and impose a waiting period on the membership as if the member had disclosed the condition/s. Other schemes will terminate the membership (as if the agreement was null and void- from inception). Therefore, they would expect reimbursement for any claims paid and the member could be reimbursed contributions paid.

The Council is warning that some schemes are refusing to allow members that have been terminated due to non disclosure the right to reapply to the scheme… this is against the principles of open enrolment and the Council has therefore issued this warning.

You can read the full circular in the link given above.

Hope this helps if you have been in this position.

Kenny Williamson

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Change over of this blog from GoDaddy to WordPress

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Jun 23 2014

Dear Readers,

My apologies on all the test posts that have been coming through.

Go daddy is closing the software that my blog was on (due to end 25th of June), therefore, I have switched to a managed wordpress account and am busy testing and getting used to it.

I am also cleaning up, so hopefully test posts wont last for long and I will be able to get back to “normal” posts.

Thank you for your patience.

Kenny Williamson

Discoverycard the most rewarding credit card in South Africa.

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Apr 13 2014


Another post taken from the e- discoverer of the 10th of April 2014.

DiscoveryCard is officially the most rewarding credit card in South Africa! 

This month’s DiscoveryCard newsletter is a must-read.

We were voted the most satisfactory rewards-based credit card in South Africa in the recent ‘Bank of the year’ survey*. In our latest newsletter, we share this fantastic news with all our cardholders and, as always, we have some awesome offers to help them make the most of their DiscoveryCard.

Your DiscoveryCard clients can look out for a guide on all their benefits, helping them to use it best. They can also check out the Mother’s Day catalogue we’ve put together on discovery/mall – gifting sorted!

The April 2014 edition of the newsletter

Your clients can read the newsletter online and find out how to:

  • Spoil their moms with great gifts through discovery/mall
  • Stand a chance to win a luxury Espresto Wave coffee machine with @home
  • Get in line to win vouchers or a fancy hamper from Exclusive Books
  • Win DVD or Blu-Ray vouchers with Discovery Miles and
  • Stand a chance to win a R2 500 beauty voucher from
  • Benefit from an enhanced exchange rate with Discovery Invest.

Remember, your clients can use their DiscoveryCard, Discovery Miles, or a combination of both to shop on discovery/mall – the choice is theirs! 

Kenny Williamson
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Discovery Insure hits the 50 000 active policy mark!

Discovery Insure | Posted by Kenny Williamson
Apr 13 2014


Please see the article taken from Discovery’s e- discoverer forthe 10th of April 2014.

“Discovery Insure grows to 50 000 policies

We are pleased to announce that last week we reached a great milestone of 50 000 active policies.

In terms of size, we are now strengthening our position in the top 10 traditional personal lines insurers.

In line with our vision to create a nation of great drivers, Vitalitydrive is making a real difference to the lives of clients by rewarding them for driving well. Clients improve their driving behaviour by an average of 15% within the first 12 months after joining Discovery Insure.

Our data also shows that the accident mortality rate of Discovery Insure clients is lower than the national average. We believe that being driven by our core purpose is what really sets us apart.

We also believe our growth is a result of a unique, comprehensive product offering and the strength of our brand, which is built through everything we do in the market and every interaction we have with clients. We are extremely proud of the fact that as we grow, our service levels continue to improve. We see this in our reporting and through the positive feedback from clients.

We could not have achieved this milestone without your hard work and dedication. Thank you for your role in helping us reach this goal. We look forward to sharing many future successes with you.”

So, their Vitality Drive programme is contributing towards a lower death rate than the national average. Good news for motorists and Discovery Insure clients.

Kenny Williamson
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